Desire has a common place in the collective imagination. It is a force that crosses us, that snatches us and that transforms the object into the only aspiration of life. 

Desire leads us to a place where nothing else matters. It is insatiable and doesn’t even tire after reaching its goal. The more you desire, the more you want to desire. 

Therefore, it is often asked whether the purpose of desire is not the object itself, but rather the very act of desiring. The more determined we are, the more uncontrollable we become.

Judged, recriminated, discriminated against, and often the bearer of guilt, he reappears in redemption, in a new era, as we rediscover the humanity in each of us. Desire as an expression of the soul then gains new meaning in a new society. It presents itself as a product of the persona and as a symbol of freedom.

Taking a fresh look at desire and rescuing its legitimacy, is an important contribution to society.

Desire, free from judgment or prejudice, is an ingredient that enlightens the soul.