An essay in the Paris Gardens presents the character Ana Thereza a woman in maturity, taken by a sweeping desire that challenges the apparent balance of her life - this is the trigger for a number of interviewees, among philosophers, psychologists, plastic artists, musicians , writers and teachers explore the various faces of desire.

The original soundtrack was developed by award-winning maestro Ruriá Duprat, (Latin Grammy and American Grammy). Especially in the scenes of the character Ana Thereza, the voice with unique sonority of the singer, composer and guitarist, Pedro Iaco, is a perfect blend of singing and vocalise.







Maria Fernanda Cândido

The protagonist - Ana Thereza - is played by Maria Fernanda Cândido, renowned Brazilian actress in theatre, tv and cinema. Now also with international prominence (especially with the last film "The Betrayer" by Italian veteran filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, acting as female protagonist), has charisma to seduce the adult audience and especially the female audience.

"Lately, I have been assaulted by fantasies which take every fiber of my being to keep under control.
I fear things might slip out of control. Goddamnit. They already have"

Ana Thereza




Clovis de Barros Filho

With more than thirty years of academic experience, he is a very
required speaker. His lectures and lectures on ethics have already been heard by millions of people. Professor and PhD at ECA-USP. Author of more than 15 works, among them the bestseller "A vida que vale a pena ser vivida".



José Miguel Wisnik

Writer, musician and professor of post-graduation in Brazilian literature at USP, essayist and musician. He is the author of songs and music for dance, theater and cinema. It has several titles published and CDs released. He has received more than once the Jabuti Prize from the Brazilian Chamber of Books, the APCA award and the Kikito of the Gramado Festival.



Costanza Pascolato

Born in Italy and descended from an aristocratic family, this true lady of the contemporary became a world reference not only when the subject is fashion, but also about the art of living. In the program "Costanza & Marilu", the irreverent meeting with her friend Marilu Beer presents with humor the points of view of those who see even better after the 70 years.



Marilu Beer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, naturalized from São Paulo. Plastic Artist and a student of aesthetics, philosophy and oriental languages, she presents her private humor alongside the friend Costanza Pascolato in "Costanza & Marilu", considered the most redeeming program in the female universe



Luiz Felipe Pondé

Philosopher and post-doctoral writer at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Pondé is one of the most controversial thinkers in the country. Professor and lecturer, he is the author of several books and one of the most discussed columns of the Brazilian press, published in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper since 2008.



Ciça Azevedo

She is the author of seven books, among them “Banco de Memórias”, not published but which was a source of inspiration for DOC and for the feature film THREAD OF DESIRE. It has two books already published: “Um Caminho Suave” and “São Tantas As Luas”. Ciça graduated in Gestalt, a more existentialist school of Psychology.



Juliana Pacheco

Psychotherapist, for over 30 years Lúcia has developed works focusing on the values of the feminine, the development of family intimacy, the search for empathy and listening to intuition. Minister lectures and courses on topics. Author of the book "Cordão Mágico - histórias de mãe e filhos".



Lúcia Rosenberg

She teaches Philosophy and conducts research on women in the history of philosophy since 2009, seeking to recover their presence and importance in the philosophical field. In 2015 she organized the first event on women in philosophy, which resulted in the books: "Mulher e Filosofia" (Woman and Philosophy) and "Filósofas" (Philosophers).



Alexandre Cumino

Religious Scientist, Priest of Umbanda and Author of several books. Created in a family of spiritualists, young person knew and enchanted by the Umbanda that led him to seek the formation in Sciences of the Religion. Minister courses and lectures on the subject.



André Trindade

Author, therapist and educator. Psychologist trained by PUC-SP and psychomotrist with training in Muscular and Articular Chains GDS (Belgium). He works in the office and offers courses and lectures on body education in childhood and adolescence.



Nina Pandolfo

Formed in Visual Communication, Nina was part of the generation of Brazilian artists who grew up graffiti in the 90s and took street art to the main museums and galleries in the world. Since then, it has been known to create a very private and playful universe, painting delicate girls with large, expressive eyes.



Peter Pál Pelbart

Professor in the Department of Philosophy and in the Nucleus of Subjectivity Studies of the Post-Graduation in Clinical Psychology of PUC-SP. Also signs as co-editor of the "n-1 editions". He is a translator, essayist, lecturer, author of several books and expert on the work of Gilles Deleuze.



Special Contend


Gilles Deleuze

philosopher († 1995)

One of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century, Deleuze is regarded by many as the philosopher of desire. His works interpret modern philosophers as Spinoza, Leibeniz, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Bergson, Foucault. Author of several books, tonics of his thought can be seen in the series L'abécédaire, which is part of our documentary.

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Technical Information

Director & Producer/ Paula Trabulsi

Executive Producer / Roberta Trabulsi & Lia Pini

Director Assistant & Research / Suely Straub

Screenplay / Ana Sardinha & Paula Trabulsi
Script Consultant / Mônica Waldvogel

Director of Photography / Arnaldo Mesquita
Still / Luciano Amado

Editing / Umberto Martins & Daniel Codina

Sound Design / Eduardo Luiz dos Santos 

Music / Ruriá Duprat

Graphic Design / Paulo Lemos (Peéle)

Sound / José Célio dos Santos

Associated Producer / Les Films du Cygne

Produced by ASAS.BR.COM

Distributor (Brazil) / ELO Company & selo ELAS

Associated Producer

Based in both Annecy and Paris, Les Films du Cygne is a production house that produces French films, national and international co-productions, in live action and in animation, and also offers production services to foreign production companies. Since its creation in 1999, Les Films du Cygne has produced and co-produced over 40 short films, including The Winkles (Cesar 2018 - Best Short Film), Z’har, a feature docu-fiction and The 30 brave women, a documentary for France Television which received over 300 awards and was selected at 1 350 festivals. 

With Swan, a branch of Les Films du Cygne, it has provided production services to important feature films, documentaries and tv series. An animation feature film Even Mice Belong in Heaven by D. Grimmova and J. Bubenicek is currently in production, and several projects are in development including the features Les Immortelles directed by S. Lelouch, L’Ecrivain de la Famille directed by J. Cornuau, based on the famous novel written by G. Delacourt, and Précoce by Alice Vial, amongst others.

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