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From ancient times women could only be in the cracks: philosophers, writers, doctors, artists… Our film tells the story of different ANAs, who accidentally cross each other, but has in common their potential exerted through the cracks of a society still dominated by the male.

There has never been so much talk about women. But what are the concerns and desires of the female soul? The model presented to us by the contemporary woman, full of certainties, proposes that she act with everything that conventions and institutions expect from her: successful professional, centered mother, faithful wife… Is it?

In the feature line LINHAdoDESJO Ana's study of the beguines will be the thread of an anthology composed of five stories of contemporary women, all linked by this one that presents the story of women that 800 years earlier were much freer than them.

A delicate feminine anthology with erotic brushstrokes.






Maria Fernanda Cândido

The protagonist - Ana Thereza - is played by Maria Fernanda Cândido, renowned Brazilian actress in theatre, tv and cinema. Now also with international prominence (especially with the last film "The Betrayer" by Italian veteran filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, acting as female protagonist), has charisma to seduce the adult audience and especially the female audience.